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Mississippi Marriage License Info

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If you are looking to have your wedding ceremony in the state of Mississippi, there are some things you need to comply with your plans. When applying for your Mississippi marriage license, you can go to any city clerks office located in the county you will be getting married. You can find the clerk’s office in the county probate court or circuit court.

The cost for a marriage license in Mississippi is a one time fee of $21; only cash payments are accepted. It is not required of you or your partner to be current or previous residents of Mississippi to get a marriage license that is statewide. After applying for the marriage license, there is a mandatory 3 day waiting period. Most states don’t count Saturdays, Sundays and holidays within this waiting period and in some cases, the day you file the application won’t count towards the waiting period either. Once you receive your marriage license three days later, you are able to get married right away.

To get married in the state of Mississippi without a parental consent, you and your partner will need to be 21 or older. You will need to bring birth certificates to verify that you are at the legal age to get married. But if you or your partner is not of legal age, a parental consent will need to be signed and presented; still bring a certified copy of birth certificate.

In Mississippi, it is required for couples to take a physical exam and blood test for syphilis before the marriage license can be given. The state certified lab will analyze the blood tests and will be recorded on a state form. You can get this form from a physician, clinic or the town clerk office. After 30 days, the test results become invalid. Ninety days after the date the marriage license is issued, it will expire. If you or your partner were previously married, it is required that the date of death or divorce of spouse is provided. If it had happened within the past 6 months, a certificate of death or divorce decree will need to be presented. These can be ordered online.

After the marriage ceremony, it will be necessary to notify government agencies about name changes. The marriage certificate you receive after the wedding will be used as evidence of your legal Mississippi marriage. This will also need to be presented to non government institutions such as banks, credit card agencies, employers, memberships and others that you have or are currently doing business with. There is also a legal name change kit. Inside there are all of the forms that need to be completed for the name change to take place. It can be done before or after the wedding ceremony, but it is recommended that you do it prior to the marriage for better convenience to you.

Proxy marriages are not allowed in the state of Mississippi, nor are same sex marriages, common-law marriages or cousin marriages.
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