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Unique Wedding Gifts for the Not-So-Typical Couple

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Mississippi Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Are you attending a wedding for a unique couple? Don’t know what to get them? We all know someone that is a little left-of-center. Hey – we’re all a little different when it comes down to it. But when you dealing with someone that is truly unique, it can be hard to find exactly the right wedding gift for them. When selecting a wedding gift – begin by thinking of the recipients. What are their hobbies and interests? What do they like to do? What stands out about them? Answering these questions may help you come up with the ideal wedding gift. Sometimes a gift card to their favorite store may not feel like the best gift in your mind – but letting them pick out exactly what they would like can sometimes be the best choice when dealing with a couple that is truly unique. There are other ideas for unique gifts. You can get them something truly special for their wedding – because they are so special to you!

A synastry astrology chart is a great idea for a wedding gift for many couples. A synastry chart will show how a couple is meant to be together. Now you can be taking a bit of a chance giving this – because sometimes an astrology chart will show that a couple has real communication problems or someone has a problem with a temper. But if you explain that this is a wedding gift, ideally the astrologer will take a positive role in giving the information to the couple. Sometimes the astrologer will want the couple to make an appointment and other times you can simply order this and present it rolled up tied with a bow.

A balloon ride is also a very unique wedding gift that so many couples would appreciate. It is a very romantic gift to give any couple. Balloon rides are available in many parts of the world. Check their location to see if you can find a balloonist nearby. It would be most convenient if this was something close to them. Or perhaps you could order this for where they are going on their honeymoon. What a fun thing to do on their honeymoon! They could look out over the horizon and sip champagne. People have been known to get married in balloons.

A unique gift is something special that will stand out and the couple will appreciate just a little more. You want to find something that the couple will enjoy especially for their wedding. Giving them tickets to something or some kind of experience like the balloon ride is an excellent unique wedding gift. With a little creative thinking you can come up with many great unique wedding gift ideas.

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